08 February 2010

Gimme, Gimme

Ever since I purchased Baby Mac, my mind has been running wild with other things that I want:
  • Timbuk2 bag
  • iPad
  • Nano ... in orange?
  • orange kitten
  • shopping spree at Urban Outfitters ... and American Apparel ... and H&M
  • shopping spree at Barnes & Noble
  • bookends
  • go to Starbucks whenever I feel like it
  • gym membership
  • digital camera
  • 'real' camera
  • rain boots
  • a pair of RayBans
  • get some new Moleskines
  • peace & quiet
  • an enjoyable job
  • ... and I'd like to be tan.
Is it bad to want things? I suppose it's better to want things as opposed to be being reckless and spending money on things that I really can't afford right now. What's on your list of wants?

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