15 February 2010

My Former Self

Recently I have been cleaning out my parents' attic. While up there, I discovered a journal of mine from the 3rd grade ... I found many of the entries entertaining to say the least ... these are some of my favorites (bonus: check out my atrocious spelling):
  • 8 Oct. 1991: "If I could be a ____. " 
    •  If I were a book, I would be a good book and be paper. Lots of people would read me.
  • 23 Oct. 1991: "I pledge to be drug free"  
    • I pledge to be helthy and safe. I want to stay out of trble so I wont be a akalallik.
  • 17 Dec 1991: "Good things about the holidays" 
    • I like to get two weeks off from school. And we get prients.
  • 6 Jan. 1992: "I want to forget"  
    • I want to forget to come to school. And to do my home work.
  • 31 Jan. 1992: "It was nice when ..." 
    • It was nice when I went to the stichu of Liberty. It was fun and I liked it. [*]
  • 17 March 1992: Dear Mr. Lepechaun ... 
    • How are you? I am fine. Why do you where green? Will you bring me a pot of gold? Thinks. Your Friend, Elizabeth
  • 27 March 1992: "I'd like to sell" 
    • I'd like to sell my brother he cryies to much.
  • 28 May 1992: "I'd be glad if ..." 
    • I'd be glad if I had 1,00000 dallars. So I would be rich.

* To this day, I have never visited the Statue of Liberty ... or the stichu of Liberty.


  1. this reminds me of Charlie from It's Always Sunny. he's illiterate. no offense, you were little when you wrote that you wanted to sell your brother and not be a akalallik..

  2. Ha! This is hilarious.

  3. Hey, we all have goals Amanda ... obviously I was worried about the important things when I was 8.

    Oh, and Charlie, will forever be the guy who yells, "wildcard bitches" as he jumps from a moving van.

  4. Selling your brother was definitely the funniest moment for me in this list.