17 February 2010


On Monday I went to my car just to discover the contents of my console and glove box strewn about and my iPod nowhere to be found. UGH! I get that this was a quick, 'grab gadgets worth money' gig ... but nonetheless check out what these grimy bastards didn't take:
  • U.S. Presidents Trivia Card Game
  • lucky rock from Buckroe Beach
  • tee shirt from last years Shamrock Marathon
  • collapsible cooler from Bass Pro Shops
  • green jacket
  • pillow with Snoopy pillowcase
  • pocket Bible ... while I am not the pocket Bible toting girl type, I tripped over this one on the way to my car at G.Mason one day while it was raining ... and I just felt guilty leaving it there ... since then it has resided in my car
  • CD's:
  • MGMT, DMB, Damien Rice, Third Eye Blind, Kings of Leon, O.A.R., ... and last but not least - the Serendipity Soundtrack
  • cold hard cash:
  • $2.33 in change
  • Euros - 2.55
  • 4 batting cage tokens


  1. Thank God they left OAR and MGMT...

  2. They must have assumed that you already had the serendipity soundtrack uploaded on your ipod.

  3. Sorry you got robbed! I do love the Serendipity Soundtrack though. They should've taken that.