23 February 2010

Too Much?

Recently a friend commented on a picture I took of overflowing books shelves, "Ugh I love all those books. It is my dream to be like Scrooge McDuck with only books instead of gold coins. I want to swim in them ... weird?"

You remember Scrooge, right?

... as for whether or not that is a strange aspiration ... heck no, check out what I would dive into if possible:
  • money
  • books
  • Post-Its
  • Urban Outfitters gift cards
  • Chipotle Burrito Bowl
  • Lego's
  • hoodies
  • snow
  • iPods/ music
  • Miller High Life
  • Starbucks cups filled with tasty beverages ... assuming I won't get burned
  • chocolate meringue pie

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