09 March 2010

Sing It, Girl(s on American Idol)

So I must confess that had I not watched the show tonight, my rankings of the ladies would be fairly identical to this one. I believe Crystal, Siobhan, and Lilly have command of the competition; Didi, Lacey, and Katie's time has expired and 2 of the 3 should go on Thursday; and Paige and Katelyn are somewhere in between. However, Thursday may be interesting since the judges totally bashed Paige and (for some reason) enjoyed Didi and Lacey. Nonetheless, here is how I think they stacked up tonight:
  1. Siobhan Magnus
  2. Crystal Bowersox
  3. Lilly Scott
  4. Katelyn Epperly
  5. Paige Miles
  6. Didi Benami
  7. Lacey Brown
  8. Katie Stevens


  1. Wow! We completely disagreed this week! Crazy to see how much of a difference there was in opinion. We'll see what happens on Thursday.

  2. yeah Thursday should be interesting ... instead of cutting 2 girls, they should just cut 4 boys