10 March 2010

T vs. Metro

Remember I went to Boston a few weeks ago? Well, while there I rode the T ... you know, Boston's version of the Metro. Let's do a lil' compare and contrast (mainly contrast):
  • you can move from train-car to train-car ... anyone, not just employees, and there are no doors ... the train is like a giant caterpillar.
  • no warning lights on the train platforms.
  • food & drink are allowed on the trains.
  • at some stops/ stations there are snack shops right next to the tracks.
  • ... possibly as a result, the trains were much dirtier than those in DC
  • ... but there were also signs on the trains that said "your tax dollars pay to clean this train so please throw away your trash".
  • am I the only one who finds that ironic?
  • the stations are ugly and have no character.
  • the interiors of the cars themselves are ugly ... much worse than DC (believe it or not) the seats & floors totally clash, and the seats are ugly and uncomfortable.
  • everything about the T was less accessible for people with disabilities than the Metro:
  • there was no clearly marked priority seating on the trains,
  • the stations were not clearly marked as to where elevators were located,
  • the cars themselves were less accessible to get on and off the trains.
  • I thought the passengers were more rude than those in DC; well maybe not more rude, but dumber ... there is no etiquette for getting on/ off the trains i.e. people on the platform don't wait at all for people to exit before bombarding the train.
  • on escalators they stand on the left ... and right.
  • you have to swipe your card to get into the station (like the Metro), but not to leave
  • regardless of your destination, all rides cost the same on the T ... what a ripoff, or bargain.
  • the equivalent of the SmartTrip cards are free!
  • lastly, maybe I am biased but I like Metro's website more than the T's.


  1. Charlie cards are free now?

  2. yeah, at the station, we just asked the Metro/ T worker for a Charliecard, and then loaded them at the machine thingy