01 April 2010


While I did try and stay true to eating like a vegan during the 31 days of March ... there were a couple of times I sold my soul to the carnivore devil. I consumed:
  • bread with cheese sprinkles on it ... to my credit ... I didn't realize it was cheese, I just thought it was seasoning
  • pesto that included cheese ... I didn't realize until reading the ingredients after I was binging on it
  • 2 Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  • 2 small bites of tuna ... after a night of drinking
  • 1 huge, delicious New York Strip Steak*

*April Fool's


  1. "Liz! Tuna??"

  2. hahahaha! "shhh [while chewing tuna]" that's exactly how I remember it