28 May 2010

No List [The Ugly Truth About Lists] Friday

Not too long ago, Rachel posted this about lists, and that got me to thinking. Long before I was a list maker, I was a list lover. You are never too far from a list whether you notice it or not ... we're surrounded:
Like what I did there? What is there not to like about lists? Lists are convenient to those who are short on time or short on attention span. I am a fan of the organization, the order, the conciseness, the lack of 'fluff,' the fact that you have to put it all out there, and you're unable to hide behind an excess use of unnecessary words, phrases, and segues.

There is also a vulnerability when it comes to making any soft of bucket list (ugh, what a dumb term), resolutions, goals, or the ever popular 101 in 1001 lists. Whether the list is in the form of writing it on a scrap piece of paper or broadcasting it to the masses on your blog, you are entering into a contract of sorts with yourself. It is easy to keep your thoughts to yourself, but once you put it down in a list, it becomes real, and you are now somewhat accountable to complete the tasks.

Lists are the -ish.

... and just for the record, I went skydiving when I was 18 ... that's for all you 101 in 1001 kids out there.

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