27 May 2010

Reaction to the Grey's Anatomy Finale

I have not kept up with Grey's Anatomy this season like I have with the previous ones, but I did watch the season finale last week. These were my reactions ... and questions:
  • Meredith's pregnant? --- like that will last
  • Reed just got shot in the head? ugh, not a good morning
  • Alex got shot? --- oh well, maybe he won't make it; he's such a jerk and Lexie is dumb for being with him
  • Is that Mandy Moore?
  • ... that really looks like Mandy Moore
  • I really like Mandy in Saved, A Walk to Remember, and the Princess Diaries
  • I wonder if she's on Twitter
  • opening credits roll ... it really is Mandy Moore
  • Who walks around shooting people? ... what a jerk
  • the way Sloan protected Lexie and rushed her to the elevator was so endearing
  • ... and then Alex is there bleeding
  • he ruins everything
  • Who has time to work on their relationship with a crazed killer on the loose?
  • - everyone
  • I'm thinking that in the real world you're typically unable to negotiate with a mass murderer
  • DAMMMNNN Derek is dead
  • ... oh wait, he's alive
  • of course, I'm sure plenty of people survive shots to the middle of the chest like that?
  • ok seriously? What type of SWAT team would shoot a guy in the shoulder, and then let him walk away?
  • Why do the lesbians have the most functional relationship on the show?
  • Gay propaganda, ABC?
  • Hey Lexie, don't you hear Alex calling you 'Izzy'? ZING!
  • oh good, Owen is sneaking back into the hospital ... he's been to Iraq ... he'll save the day for sure
  • I'm pretty sure that if crazy guy really wanted Derek dead, he would simply shoot him again ... and again ... and again
  • Seriously Meredith? ... you always have to make everything about you
  • so much for Owen saving the day
  • miscarriage ... predictable
  • so the killer ends up in the room where his wife died, how touching
  • ... not really
  • believe what you want, but I'd like to think that if you go around killing innocent people ... doctors at that ... that the odds are you're not going to get to spend eternity with your dead wife

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