28 June 2010

Anatomy of a power outage

First off, it is 2010 ... if there is not a hurricane or downed power lines in my front yard I see no reason for the power to be out.
  • when I got home last night the power was out ... these are the events that followed:
  • I was happy to find Mac[Book] with battery power
  • my excitement quickly dissipated when I realized internet access was dependent on electricity.
  • retrieved a radio from the camper
  • turned on radio
  • quickly opened fridge to get some iced tea
  • quickly closed fridge
  • found book light
  • flipped through the July issue of Real Simple
  • retrieved inverter from camping gear
  • retrieved small fan from closet
  • remembered that the fan was from my first year at George Mason
  • ::smiled::
  • caught myself singing along to Poker Face with GaGa
  • hooked fan up to inverter
  • hooked inverter up to the Coleman Powermate
  • enjoyed fan & iced tea
  • made list about the power being out
  • finished magazine
  • turned off book light
  • went to sleep

1 comment:

  1. I just got my power back tonight after it being out for three hours...and being in the dark...I was GRATEFUL for three hours. A few years ago I had to go to a hotel when the outage was close to a week. We are WAY too dependent on our electric lives.