19 June 2010

Sweet Summertime

Last month's issue of Cosmopolitan had 25 ideas for the summer ... if you've been looking for a summer to-do list, look no more:
  1. speak in public
  2. visit a friend in a new place
  3. go out to eat alone
  4. take on a new assignment at work
  5. try a new food
  6. go on a date
  7. party
  8. get a new haircut
  9. go out with friends
  10. attend a cocktail hour/ event
  11. go camping
  12. crash/ go to a party you're not invited to
  13. perform karaoke
  14. go out with an ex
  15. dance
  16. interview for a job
  17. take a trip/ explore a new place
  18. join a sports league
  19. invite out-of-towners to stay with you
  20. buy a new dress
  21. go on a trip with a guy
  22. take a class/ learn something new
  23. yoga
  24. propose a new idea at work
  25. be set up

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