29 August 2010

Old School v. New School

I walked 4 miles today; it got me to thinking about how my philosophies have changed in the past five years:

  • on competition:
  • old school - winning is the only option
  • new school - who competes?

  • on slowing down:
  • old school - slowing down is for chumps
  • new school - slowing down is the only way

  • on sweating:
  • old school - sign of a good workout
  • new school - sign to stop all physical activity

  • on the temperature:
  • old school - the hotter it is outside, the better the workout
  • new school - it's hot out? I'm staying inside

  • on walking:
  • old school - losers walk; winners run
  • new school - avoid running at any cost

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