26 August 2010

On the Fly

Remember yesterday when I was excited about drinking some brews? In typical, "joke's on me" fashion, I had forgotten that I am doing a twilight 5k tonight (note: 'twilight' not 'Twilight'). Not too long ago, this would not have interfered with my drinking plans at all, but these days I am old, boring, and not as spry as I once was. Thus, there was no beer consumption last night.

Today, has consisted of tracking down my favorite running shorts, drinking some Gatorade, and making a new running playlist for the ol' iPod:

  • Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over
  • B.o.B - Magic
  • Black Eyed Peas - One Tribe
  • Modest Mouse - Float On
  • DMB - Alligator Pie
  • Eminem - Not Afraid
  • Eminem - Welcome to Detroit City
  • O.A.R. - Fool in the Rain
  • Jay-Z - On To the Next One
  • MGMT - Electric Feel
  • Vampire Weekend - Horchata
  • Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
  • Phoenix - Lisztomania

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic play list! Very nice. I'm totally diggin' it.