13 September 2010

Teresa, WTF!?

Are you familiar with Teresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey? Long story short, aside from her horrid hair, she's claiming to have racked up $11 million of debt. Who does that?

How would I blow $11,000,000? Well, funny you should ask ... I would start by:

  • buying a car with funny doors
  • buying a boat ... and by boat, I mean yacht
  • getting some new writing instruments and timepieces
  • constructing a vault and fill it with Sacagawea coins to live out my childhood DuckTales fantasy
  • purchasing a herd of basset hounds
  • ... because if one is cute, than 12 would be really cute
  • purchase land for basset hounds to roam ... and a staff to tend to their needs
  • iPhones for me & all my friends!
  • book binge! ... including any 1st edition I feel like getting
  • pay to have Alex Trebek make an appearance at my Jeopardy! themed birthday bash
  • shopping rampages at Urban, Anthropologie, J.Crew, and American Apparel

How would you dig an $11,000,000 hole of debt?

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