07 October 2010

Meet Delmar

Watch out Heathcliff & Garfield, there's a new cat in town.

I have always been pretty indifferent towards animals until little Delmar became a part of our family at the beginning of the summer. He is one of the neatest, most unique, and most bizzare cats I have ever met.

For example, he:
  • has a smudge on his nose
  • has huge ears he's likely to never grow into
  • absolutely loves getting his neck scratched
  • likes to sit in his cat carrier for no apparent reason ... he treats it like it is his own little castle
  • eats ice cubes
  • climbs trees
  • chews on books
  • sleeps on books
  • attacks bookmarks ... as in - he tugs/ wrestles said bookmark out of book, and then pounces of it
  • rolls around in dirt ... like a pig
  • rolls up in blankets ... like a cat taco (see below)
  • enjoys taking medicine
  • eats/ chews on house plants
  • licks condensation off of windows
  • pounces on straws ... no unattended drink is safe
  • refuses to eat soft cat food
  • has been really confused by the cooler temperatures lately; I think he is a warm weather cat

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