30 March 2011

March, get outta here, ya filthy animal!

The sooner March is over, the better. Because:

  • I want to be tan,
  • and have sun bleached hair,
  • and wear trendy oversized tank tops,
  • and drink ice cold beer [read: Miller High Life] on hazy summer nights.
  • I want food fresh off the grill.
  • I want the depressed looking bare trees to be green and happy.
  • The same goes for grass
  • ... as in lawns.
  • I want consistant windows down, music up weather.
  • I want my Easter basket.

26 March 2011


  • I have a really bad habit of judging you if misuse your/ you're ... ugh
  • ... but to be fair, feel free to judge me because I misuse further/ farther
  • Doogie Howser was a total prick
  • Winona Ryder will always be Jo March to me
  • Practically everything I know about Australia I learned from Finding Nemo
  • I was a devote watcher of American Idol for seasons 8 & 9. I attempted to watch this season, but I think it is awful! J. Lo, Randy, and Steven Tyler are the biggest divas I have ever seen, but Steven is at least entertaining.
  • I am a big fan of Parks and Recreation ... are you? I would consider moving to Pawnee, IN if it was a real place.
  • My favorite movie that references cannibalism is Pippi Longstocking; The Road is a close runner up.
  • I was a much bigger fan of Facebook back when you had to have a school e-mail account to join, and the uneducated had their place over at Myspace ... and parents didn't know was it was, and neither did high schoolers, and it wasn't global, and there weren't ads all over it, and chumps didn't update their status about their mundane lives every five minutes because there was no such thing as a status update ...
  • I want this shirt: A Clockwork Orange
  • ... and this one: Fahrenheit 451
  • I'd vote for a resurgence of the question, "what say, you?"

25 March 2011

Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire, 100th Anniversary

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaste Factory fire. While I visited New York during the holidays, I made it a point to see the building, now part of NYU.

24 March 2011

Please Leave A Message

Maybe it's just me, but I am absolutely horrible at leaving voicemails. More specifically, professional voicemails. Is that even a term? You know ... official business voicemails.

It should be simple; I could follow the super easy layout of:
  1. my name
  2. reason for calling
  3. my phone number

Instead I end up frantically hanging up at the conclusion of leaving a message, thinking things like:
  • Did I remember to leave my name?
  • Did I leave my number?
  • Did I leave the correct number?
  • Did I leave the area code?
  • Is it necessary to leave the area code, or is it implied?
  • Did I mumble?
  • Did I talk to fast?
  • Did I shout?
  • Why haven't they returned my call?
  • ... it's only been 3 minutes
  • Maybe they're at lunch?
  • Who takes lunch at this time?
  • I should have called earlier
  • ... or later
  • I always call at the wrong time
  • Is my phone on?
  • Is it charged?

23 March 2011

Grind My Gears

Alas, I am not a glass half full gal, and a fair amount of things tend to annoy me, like:

  • winter
  • pleated pants
  • red pens
  • coffee mugs whose handles get hot
  • people who bite their nails
  • ... likewise the noise it makes when you spit said nail from your mouth
  • people with really bad handwriting ... how did you survive elementary school?
  • Justin Bieber fans
  • people who say, "I don't read a lot of books, but I read magazines"
  • anyone who is still quoting Charlie Sheen ... "winning" was funny 3 weeks ago
  • ugh, I could live the rest of my life not hearing someone say 'epic' or 'epic fail' and be a happy camper
  • lastly, while I would not go as far to call it a deal breaker ... I am not a fan of guys who drink out of straws; just sayin'.

18 March 2011

This is your pay back, money grabber.

It is a warm, sunny Friday, and I had errands to run, so I made a playlist to accompany me.

  • The Heavy - How You Like Me Now
  • Jason Mraz - Sunshine Song
  • Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Fire
  • Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
  • The Temper Trap - Love Lost
  • Fitz & The Tantrums - MoneyGrabber
  • Fitz & The Tantrums - Winds of Change
  • Fistful of Mercy - Fistful of Mercy
  • Modest Mouse - Float On
  • Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell
  • Delta Spirit - 911
  • Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
  • Fanfarlo - Harold T. Wilkins
  • Ingrid Michaelson - The Hat

12 March 2011

#Hash Pipe

Like everyone else in the free world I have a Twitter account. I noticed recently that while I use some common/ popular hashtags ... many of them go unnoticed and underrated. Such as:

  • #AlexTrebecTrumpsPolitics
  • #D3MightyDucksIsOnTv
  • #worstmusicever
  • #mydressslacksaresqueezingmywilltolive
  • #chrisbrownislame
  • #iamsuchasap
  • #nerdalert
  • #bootyshakingoodmusic
  • #noshame
  • #humansareoverrated
  • #0cavities
  • #happycleanmouthdance
  • #fatkidtweet
  • #debbiedowner
  • #notetoself
  • #howoldamI
  • #iwannaliveinafictionaluniverse

11 March 2011

No List Friday

While I am a fan of the new logo ... I decided to go sans Starbucks for Lent.

Good idea, right? It seemed like a good idea on Tuesday, but lately it seems like the worst idea, ever.


08 March 2011

Life As Sloth

I have come to an unsettling conclusion.

Photo complements of NatGeo

Liz = Sloth

  • Sloth: rarely leaves tree
  • Liz: rarely leaves house

  • Sloth: competent swimmer
  • Liz: does a mean doggy paddle

  • Sloth: low body temperature
  • Liz: always cold

  • Sloth: unable to survive in cold environments
  • Liz: despises cold weather

  • Sloth: moves only when necessary and even then very slowly
  • Liz: moves only when necessary and even then very slowly

  • Sloth: rarely attracts attention from predators
  • Liz: rarely attracts attention from humans

  • Sloth: known to sleep from 15 to 18 hours each day
  • Liz: could give sloth a run for her money

  • Sloth: leaf eater
  • Liz: salad consumer

  • Sloth: endangered
  • Liz: as of March 2011, making a comeback