26 March 2011


  • I have a really bad habit of judging you if misuse your/ you're ... ugh
  • ... but to be fair, feel free to judge me because I misuse further/ farther
  • Doogie Howser was a total prick
  • Winona Ryder will always be Jo March to me
  • Practically everything I know about Australia I learned from Finding Nemo
  • I was a devote watcher of American Idol for seasons 8 & 9. I attempted to watch this season, but I think it is awful! J. Lo, Randy, and Steven Tyler are the biggest divas I have ever seen, but Steven is at least entertaining.
  • I am a big fan of Parks and Recreation ... are you? I would consider moving to Pawnee, IN if it was a real place.
  • My favorite movie that references cannibalism is Pippi Longstocking; The Road is a close runner up.
  • I was a much bigger fan of Facebook back when you had to have a school e-mail account to join, and the uneducated had their place over at Myspace ... and parents didn't know was it was, and neither did high schoolers, and it wasn't global, and there weren't ads all over it, and chumps didn't update their status about their mundane lives every five minutes because there was no such thing as a status update ...
  • I want this shirt: A Clockwork Orange
  • ... and this one: Fahrenheit 451
  • I'd vote for a resurgence of the question, "what say, you?"

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