24 March 2011

Please Leave A Message

Maybe it's just me, but I am absolutely horrible at leaving voicemails. More specifically, professional voicemails. Is that even a term? You know ... official business voicemails.

It should be simple; I could follow the super easy layout of:
  1. my name
  2. reason for calling
  3. my phone number

Instead I end up frantically hanging up at the conclusion of leaving a message, thinking things like:
  • Did I remember to leave my name?
  • Did I leave my number?
  • Did I leave the correct number?
  • Did I leave the area code?
  • Is it necessary to leave the area code, or is it implied?
  • Did I mumble?
  • Did I talk to fast?
  • Did I shout?
  • Why haven't they returned my call?
  • ... it's only been 3 minutes
  • Maybe they're at lunch?
  • Who takes lunch at this time?
  • I should have called earlier
  • ... or later
  • I always call at the wrong time
  • Is my phone on?
  • Is it charged?

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