29 April 2011

Call it a Blockade

Maybe whining will help ... I seem to be suffering from:

  • writer's block
  • reader's block
  • blogger's block
  • motivation block
  • inspiration block
  • toleration for being around happy people block
  • runner's block
  • exercise block
  • healthy eating block
  • happy disposition block

21 April 2011

The Best of Intentions, Turned Gluttonous

  • The situation: 
  • BLT's for dinner

  • Plan of action: 
  • forego the bacon, add some olives & avocado, and consume a veggie sandwich

  • The outcome:
  • Disastrous!
  • the bacon was irresistible
  • ... and who can eat a BLT without mayonnaise?

08 April 2011

No List Friday

This Is Water  was one of my favorite reads last year. Heck, I loved it when it was simply the 2005 Commencement Speech at Kenyon College.

David Foster Wallace passed away in 2008. However April 15 marks the spot for the release of his unfinished novel The Pale King.  I am anxiously looking forward to it.  The book has already received much praise ... I especially enjoyed the write up on Huffington Post about it. 


Kittens love DFW, too!

06 April 2011

8 Thumbs Up

Within the past few weeks I have watched:

  • twice.
  • In the same timespan, I have also seen
  • One Week 

  • twice.
  • Albeit, while at opposite ends of the film spectrum (if such a thing even exists), to claim I enjoyed them is an understatement.  
  • First of all, I cannot believe I have never seen Zombieland ... talk about being behind the times.
  • Oh well; I thought it was hilarious, gory, and I loved Woody Harrelson. 
  • I have read mixed reviews about One Week, and I can't believe that it has haters.
  • I thought it was great.
  •  ... the narration, the Ulysses references, the soundtrack, the scenic views of Canada, Joshua Jackson (who will always be Pacey to me) ... I have no complaints about the film.
  • ... to me it had a very Garden State meets Into the Wild vibe. 

  • I decided to give each separate viewing 2 thumbs up ... hence the 8 thumbs up rating. 
  • ... I'm no octopus.

05 April 2011

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

  • My parents have 2 cats; McNabb and Delmar.
  • Recently a black feral cat has been spotted milling about around the neighborhood.
  • My parents start leaving a bowl of cat food on the front porch.
  • Said black consumes food.
  • Within days an adolescent raccoon also stops by in the evenings for a free meal.
  • A few days after that a gigantic raccoon starting stopping by for a free meal.
  • A few days after that a notice another feral cat that looks like a larger, plumper version of Delmar is spotted eating the food.
  • Said cat is referred to as 'Fat Delmar.'
  • A few days later a baby opossum started stopping by for a free meal.
  • See below

  • A few days later a bluejay has been spotted attempting to eat cat food.
  • ... may parents' house is quickly turning into Animal Farm

04 April 2011

Apocalypse Soon

When the world ceases to exist (possibly when Oprah leaves her show at the end of May?) ... these are things currently in abundance that I expect to surface in the ruins:

  • hotel pens
  • coffee mugs
  • XL complementary t-shirts; most shot from fancy t-shirt guns at sporting events. Why are they always extra large? I believe they should fire off small ones, and the super sized people should have to suffer for a change.
  • Post-Its
  • Crocs ... ugh
  • Dell computers ... they seem to be everywhere, and never functioning properly.
  • toothbrushes, I bet they already outnumber humans
  • cats ... I have recently discovered the show Confessions: Animal Hoarding, and as a result I now believe cats are like toothbrushes