06 April 2011

8 Thumbs Up

Within the past few weeks I have watched:

  • twice.
  • In the same timespan, I have also seen
  • One Week 

  • twice.
  • Albeit, while at opposite ends of the film spectrum (if such a thing even exists), to claim I enjoyed them is an understatement.  
  • First of all, I cannot believe I have never seen Zombieland ... talk about being behind the times.
  • Oh well; I thought it was hilarious, gory, and I loved Woody Harrelson. 
  • I have read mixed reviews about One Week, and I can't believe that it has haters.
  • I thought it was great.
  •  ... the narration, the Ulysses references, the soundtrack, the scenic views of Canada, Joshua Jackson (who will always be Pacey to me) ... I have no complaints about the film.
  • ... to me it had a very Garden State meets Into the Wild vibe. 

  • I decided to give each separate viewing 2 thumbs up ... hence the 8 thumbs up rating. 
  • ... I'm no octopus.

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