04 April 2011

Apocalypse Soon

When the world ceases to exist (possibly when Oprah leaves her show at the end of May?) ... these are things currently in abundance that I expect to surface in the ruins:

  • hotel pens
  • coffee mugs
  • XL complementary t-shirts; most shot from fancy t-shirt guns at sporting events. Why are they always extra large? I believe they should fire off small ones, and the super sized people should have to suffer for a change.
  • Post-Its
  • Crocs ... ugh
  • Dell computers ... they seem to be everywhere, and never functioning properly.
  • toothbrushes, I bet they already outnumber humans
  • cats ... I have recently discovered the show Confessions: Animal Hoarding, and as a result I now believe cats are like toothbrushes

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