05 May 2011


  • I hated on the royal wedding a lot prior to last weekend ... but when it happened, I was totally mesmerized by it. 
  • ... and I was in love with both Kate and Pippa's dresses.
  • As much as I love books, it makes me uncomfortable when people ask me for recommendations of what to read.
  • I have had my current library card since the 7th grade when they upgraded from paper cards to laminated cards ... I signed my name on the back in purple ink ... those were the days. 
  • I watch Glee ... and generally enjoy it.
  • I keep catching American Idol ... and I can't stand it. The judging is horrible as well as the contestants ... all this 'best season' talk is total garbage.
  • Lady Gaga's new tune, Judas, is legit.
  • warm weather warms my soul
  • time goes by way too fast
  • life would be a lot easier if I had a money tree

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