24 May 2011

Liz v. School Bus

  • I was walking home yesterday afternoon.
  • Everything was normal.
  • And then a school bus stopped and expelled 7 kids in my path.
  • ... by 'in my path' I mean, I then found myself amongst a heard of elementary schoolers.
  • these were my next thoughts:
    • no kids, I am not a really tall kid, nor am I a predator.
    • Did you think my "friendly 'hello' smile" looked insincere?
    • --- that's because it was.
    • don't be fooled by my flashy new kicks ... I actually loathe anything considered active.
    • also, I never played softball at JMU, so just ignore my shirt, too.
    • ... but don't envision me without a shirt ... that's creepy, and illegal.
    • I can't believe we're all walking in the same direction.
    • the grimace on my face?
    • --- I just realized I like the pair of Vans that a 4th grader is wearing.
    • I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have anything in common with 4th graders.
    • And lastly, typically I don't walk like a total moron; it just so happened that your bus stopped while I was attempting to master the walk/ gait of "Smoooth Rick"
    • ... and failing miserably. 

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