04 May 2011

One time I was driving, and then I was cut off ...

I was driving yesterday, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this maniac driver cut me off. After slamming on my breaks, and growling ... yes literally, I began to access the car that was now in front of me.  As I mentally compiled a list of observations ... it dawned on me - I wasn't cut off by a maniac ... I was cut off by a douche bag.


  • Mazda
  • hatchback
  • 4 door
  • dark purple
  • lowered
  • rims
  • tinted windows
  • [who does this chump think he is, Fast & the Furious?]
  • Washington state plates
  • on back window:
  • - Philadelphia Eagles sticker on one side
  • - Apple sticker on the other

... case closed.

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