28 June 2011

The day I became an adult ... at the library.

  • Sorry, the truth is not as nearly as scandalous as the title implies.
  • Nonetheless, today I am officially an adult in the public library system.
  • I have been an avid patron of the public library system since I was a kid and my mom would take me to Story Time.
  • I have had a library card since I was 7.
  • I have had my current library card since I was in the 7th grade ... when they upgraded from cardboard cards to fancy high tech laminated cards.
  • I can remember when having to look something up in the catalog on the computer required you to, 
    • for author type, "a:/ Last Name, First Name"
    • and to look up a title type, "t:/ Title of Book, The"
  • [... kids these days don't have to think.]
  • I am a big fan of the library book sales.
  • I have continued to check out books on a fairly regular basis.
  • yet somehow my account was never changed from a juvenile account to an adult account.
  • until today, when I was returning 2 overdue books, and a seemingly indifferent city employee said, "oh, we need to upgrade your account, I see you're not a juvenile anymore, and juveniles don't have to pay fines ... must have slipped through the system."
  • you're tellin' me, lady.
  • so there you have it 
  • ... eligible for library fines,
  • welcome to adulthood.

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