05 July 2011

When it rains, it pours.

Talk about a bust.
The Scene: bored on a drizzly 4th of July.
The Plan: Coke Icees from Wawa with my brother.
simple, right?

  • light drizzle instantly turned into pouring, cold rain.
  • midway to Wawa, my 'check engine' light illuminated.
  • Hellacious rain.
  • Coke and all other Icee flavors at Wawa were out of commission.
  • ... a rarity.
  • Decided to get my brother 2 Mountain Dews because they were on sale.
  • Sale price did not ring up at cash register.
  • Cashier resolved issue.
  • Rain continues to pour.
  • Got stuck at malfunctioning stoplight.
  • Seriously
  • ... for 10 minutes.
  • Arrived home
  • ... wet, cold, check engine light, Icee-less.

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