31 August 2011

Hurricane Irene pt. 2

Thursday, 25 August 2011:

Saturday, 27 August 2011:
Hurricane Irene

Monday, 29 August 2011:

boardwalk & bike path littered with sand from the storm

30 August 2011

Hurricane Irene pt. 1

I dealt with hurricane Irene in Newport News, VA.  This is how I spent Saturday after losing power around noon:

  • took the trash out
  • found D size batteries
  • found radio
  • found radio was compatible with C size batteries
  • found only 1 C size battery
  • found another radio
  • cranked up Hot 100.5
  • looked for food
  • settled on iced tea and Raisinettes 
  • shared Raisinettes with cat
  • contemplated rationing food for survival
  • read September issue of Real Simple
  • did 500 crunches
  • shared more candy with cat
  • got bored
  • ventured out to check out the storm from the Lion's Bridge:

  • returned home
  • did 500 crunches
  • consumed 2 Crown Royal & ginger ale cocktails (sans ice)
  • watched Due Date on battery powered MacBook
  • did 4 x 1 minute planks
  • hated every minute
  • consumed another Crown & ginger
  • brushed teeth
  • went to sleep

22 August 2011

Observations at the Park

I was attempting to read a book, but was distracted by the various people crossing my path, like:

  • old woman, walking small, chubby dog
  • fit guy wearing a weight vest, walking with chubby child
  • young couple with dog
  • 2 women with strollers
  • 2 babies in strollers
  • chubby couple walking
  • older man jogging with 3 teen boys
  • lady jogging
  • RE: lady jogging ... now lady walking
  • guy with large tattoo on leg walking while carrying a hat
  • barefoot guy in tie-dye t-shirt walking with older couple (parents?), chatting about finding a job
  • girl & guy on bikes ... girl enjoys referring to herself in the 3rd person
  • ... Natalie, loud, chatty bike rider
  • older couple walking, both with headphones, ignoring/ tuning out each other

19 August 2011

No List Friday

This is how I spent Tuesday afternoon:

The Quotable Jersey Shore

If you're not watching Jersey Shore, you're missing out on gems like these from last night's episode (chronologically):

  • "I get lost in a paper bag." -Snooki
  • "I'm supposed to wear glasses, but I don't because they make me look ugly." -Snooki
  • "Wine for me is like a legit cup of coffee in Italy." -Snooki
  • "... nice smile, straight teeth, perfecto." -Deena
  • "He actually speaks well English." -Deena
  • "Now it's time to get drunk." -Snooki
  • "I'm committed now, so now I party in a different way." -Snooki
  • "twinning" -Pauly D.
  • "How do you say easy girl? ... I'm not that." -Deena
  • "Dad, I'll call you back after Mike tries to get his booty call." -Snooki
  • "First of all, I'm not doing sex." -Deena
  • "Why are they here right now? ... it's daytime." -Snooki
  • "Mike never takes girls out on dates, especially during the daytime." -Vinny
  • "Look how romantical that is." -Sammi
  • "Ronnie and Sam are back together, and we've just set ourselves months & months of progress back." -Vinny
  • Sammi: "We're taking it slow." Snooki: "So, slow sex?"
  • "The girls are enjoying themselves for once." -Pauly D.
  • "Alright, she's a virgin, and the other one is a big whore." -Snooki
  • "When you're drunk sometimes you kiss girls." -Deena
  • "It was supposed to be a menage-a-twin." -The Situation
  • "That's weird though ... she just jumps from bed to bed." -Deena
  • "The truth will set you free, Snooki." -The Situation

18 August 2011

Recently ...

Liz has been _________.
  • restless
  • lookin' for swagger
  • a hermit
  • neglecting Life As List
  • watching too much tv
  • rollin' with the punches