22 August 2011

Observations at the Park

I was attempting to read a book, but was distracted by the various people crossing my path, like:

  • old woman, walking small, chubby dog
  • fit guy wearing a weight vest, walking with chubby child
  • young couple with dog
  • 2 women with strollers
  • 2 babies in strollers
  • chubby couple walking
  • older man jogging with 3 teen boys
  • lady jogging
  • RE: lady jogging ... now lady walking
  • guy with large tattoo on leg walking while carrying a hat
  • barefoot guy in tie-dye t-shirt walking with older couple (parents?), chatting about finding a job
  • girl & guy on bikes ... girl enjoys referring to herself in the 3rd person
  • ... Natalie, loud, chatty bike rider
  • older couple walking, both with headphones, ignoring/ tuning out each other

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