28 September 2011

Morning Pains

Story of my life:

  • unexpectedly woke up at 5.00 AM
  • choked on air
  • (is that even possible?)
  • coughed
  • caught breath
  • acquired the hiccups
  • (not only do I loathe the hiccups for their inherent obnoxiousness, I believe they also cause a fit of anxiety for me ... I am a nervous, jittery, annoyed, mess until they're gone.)
  • took deep breath
  • (... did not choke)
  • got some water
  • attempted to consume water
  • choked on water
  • ... seriously.
  • coughed until my eyes watered
  • caught my breath
  • ... at some point during the drinking/ choking/ coughing the hiccups ceased
  • resumed regular breathing pattern
  • ... thank goodness.

23 September 2011

Life is a Roller Coaster

I jinxed myself last week.  I was on the phone with a friend and I said something to the extent of, "2011 is just a bust, nothing horrible has happened, but I'm just ready for it to be over."

Careful what you wish for, kids.

Long story short, my parents were out of town over the weekend and I was greeted Friday morning by the family cat showing up at the house with a very mangled leg as a result from a run in with a car.

Not how I was planning on spending the weekend.

What started out as a very grim situation has turned into a long, slow recovery.  The cat (Del) is at home now, with stitches, staples, and antibiotics, along with boatloads of vet bills.

... but he is resting, and healing.

15 September 2011

Danger: Angry Pants

Lately, I have been getting annoyed by the following:

  •  people who scrape/ drag the fork through their teeth while eating ... that noise drives me bananas.
  • Al Roker ... gross.
  • people who confuse "your/ you're" ... I'm lookin' at you, all you morons on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Old Navy commercials
  • Steelers fans 
  • Cowboys fans
  • mosquitos ... ever since Irene came through, there have been bunches and bunches of mosquitos swarming about, ugh.
  • people who take forever to decide on a movie at Redbox.
  • the fact that the summer is over.

11 September 2011

11 September

Bryant Park's 9/11 tribute.

2,753 empty chairs.

So many chairs ... so many people.

02 September 2011