28 September 2011

Morning Pains

Story of my life:

  • unexpectedly woke up at 5.00 AM
  • choked on air
  • (is that even possible?)
  • coughed
  • caught breath
  • acquired the hiccups
  • (not only do I loathe the hiccups for their inherent obnoxiousness, I believe they also cause a fit of anxiety for me ... I am a nervous, jittery, annoyed, mess until they're gone.)
  • took deep breath
  • (... did not choke)
  • got some water
  • attempted to consume water
  • choked on water
  • ... seriously.
  • coughed until my eyes watered
  • caught my breath
  • ... at some point during the drinking/ choking/ coughing the hiccups ceased
  • resumed regular breathing pattern
  • ... thank goodness.

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