31 October 2011

Coldplay as List

I have a love hate relationship with Coldplay.

The Hates:

  • Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are too good to be true ... just wait.
  • Chris is just plain weird ... and he dresses funny.
  • Chris is too accessorized; too many bracelets, layers of clothing, and patches.
  • Yellow is one of the most obnoxious songs I have ever heard.
  • I have no desire to see a Coldplay concert.

The Loves:

  • I love A Rush of Blood to the Head
    • it always reminds me of my first year of college, because I listened to it constantly
  • I love that Don't Panic is on the Garden State soundtrack
    • when I went to Italy in 2005 I was listening to the Garden State soundtrack on the plane, while I am quite certain that every single other person was sleeping, and I was wide awake
    • for whatever reason, it is such a pleasant memory, listening to my iPod and grimmacing at my roommate who was fast asleep
  • I love Mylo Xyloto
  • ... it's a very redeemable album, because I was not a huge fan of X&Y and Viva La Vida
  • it also contains good song after good song
  • ... my top choices include: 
    • Charlie Brown
    • Us Against the World
    • Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
    • ... plus the single Paradise is decent

07 October 2011

Pictorial List Friday

It is not that I dislike animals ... I just consider myself indifferent towards them.  However, that didn't stop me from dog sitting over the summer.

This is Charlie:

I didn't want him to think we were friends, so I called him 'Charles.'

This is Charles trying to get my attention:

This is him being unable to get my attention, so he sat next to me and played coy:

Trying to act like he is watching tv, while really attempting to get between my book & me:

This is Charles resorting to the tactic of looking pathetic:

When all else failed, the best he could do was plop his dopey face on my lap:

mission accomplished

After my experience with Charles, I still do not consider myself a dog person ... but I do consider him a dog friend.

06 October 2011

RE: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

I'll admit it, I have been known to watch a few episodes of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. ... and by 'a few,' I mean more like 8.  Each episode features 2 separate tales, albeit almost every one follows the same format:

  • gal unknowingly becomes pregnant
  • time passes, and then:
  • go to bathroom
  • severe back pain
  • go to bathroom
  • possibly constipated
  • thoughts of possible kidney/ appendix issues
  • go to bathroom
  • pain gets worse
  • reach down
  • feel goopy baby between legs
  • panic
  • go to hospital
  • OR 
  • poop baby out in toilet
  • (can you imagine coming into the world via being squirted into a toilet!?)
  • baby is born
  • new mother admits to smoking and drinking throughout pregnancy
  • panics about health of baby
  • baby is always healthy
  • ... every show ends with new mother saying, "in hindsight there were definitely signs that I was pregnant"

Why am I fascinated by this?

05 October 2011

Bookaholic Confessions

  • During September I suffered a reading lull.
  • As much as I gripe about the fall/ winter, I do think it provides excellent reading weather.
  • I am currently stalled with Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I would not call it terrible, but I am pretty sure I am the only person who is not in love with it.  And that Oskar kid? Ugh, I do not find him endearing at all; more-so I find myself wanting to kick him in the face.
  • I recently finished Tina Fey's Bossypants ... while I enjoyed it, I found it slightly unsettling that ol' Tina dropped the f- bomb ... more than a few times.
  • While I find it cliche when people say, "I love the smell of library books" I do like the sound/ crackle that the covers make when being shuffled about.
  • I am a big fan of reading the acknowledgements.

01 October 2011

October, Ugh

So it's October, and I am not happy about it. This is the beginning of the end.  I have said before that I am a warm weather bird, and I mean it ... I find myself wishing I could head south for the winter.  Summer has been over for 5 minutes, and I am already missing:

  • the weather ... I will settle for hot & humid over cold & windy any day
  • sunlight ... the days are already substantially shorter than they were weeks ago, gross
  • maintaing a tan, see above
  • the beach, see above
  • reading at the beach
  • grilling
  • baseball season
  • spending lots of time outside
  • pleasant bike riding weather
  • not bundling up before going outside ... not that we are quite there yet, but we will be soon enough
  • summer music, you know what I am saying, some tunes just sound better during the summer
  • happy trees, happy plants, flowers

... so maybe I am being a Debbie Downer about this whole autumn thing ... but you know, nothing compliments a bad mood and self pity quite like a dull brisk day.