21 November 2011

New York, NY

Some friends of mine went up to New York for the weekend.  As a result, I contracted New York envy ... I worked through it, and fired off a list of my favorite touristy things to see in NY during the holidays.

  • Bryant Park - 1 block away from the NYPL, used to be the home of Fashion Week, nice to walk around, lots of boutiques, huge ice skating rink, fun to stop and watch people looking foolish trying to ice skate.
  • St. Patrick's Cathedral - pretty sure it's the biggest Catholic church I've ever seen, super old & fancy, worth walking by even if you're not Catholic
  • 30 Rock/ Rockefeller Center stuff - worth seeing; NBC Gift Shop has lots of cool stuff, fun to make fun of fools trying to ice skate.
  • Saks Fifth Ave. Snowflakes Show - I'm not sure if it's up & running this year yet, BUT they cover the entire side of the building with huge faux snowflakes, and then they light up in conjunction with christmas music ... super cool ... if you don't see it, you should YouTube it.
  • Central Park - touristy, but definitely worth checking out; I recommend going full tourist and doing a carriage ride.
  • Strand Book Store - in Greenwich Village, awesome!
  • Jefferson Market Library - near Greenwich Village & Strand ... super old & historical, used to be a court house. I wanted to see Jefferson Market Library the last time I visited NY but they were renovating it, and it was covered in scaffolding (see below). ... go figure.

Jefferson Market Library, recieving a facelift. 

  • Charmin Bathrooms - moves every year, but somewhere near Times Square (possibly at 142 W 42nd St. (between Avenue Of The Americas & Broadway)). it's the amusement park of public bathrooms ... free, fun, overwhelming, and the cleanest public bathrooms I've ever seen & used ... and if there's a line, it moves really fast. once again, touristy, but awesome. 

Full Disclosure: 

If I was being totally honest, I would have also included:

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