22 November 2011

One Cat's Story

On the morning of September 16, Delmar was hit by a car.  I took him to the vet hospital where they were able to save him, and save his severely damaged left hind leg. 

September 17th, the morning after the accident.

Over the course of the past two months he has made a miraculous recovery, and it has been nothing short of magnificent to be able to witness it first hand.  A timeline of his recovery includes:

  • Friday, 16 September: morning of accident
  • emergency vet hospital closed ... does not open until noon. seriously
  • ... seriously.
  • luckily, VCA Boulevard Animal Hospital is open
  • Del is evaluated.
  • Del has severely damaged left hind leg, bruised lungs, a broken rib, and a split lip that requires stitches.
  • Del has surgery on leg, and receives breathing treatments.
  • Monday, 19 September: Delmar is cleared to come home
  • rests & recovers in a kennel
  • ... manages to kick cast off
  • ... cast was supposed to stay on for four days
  • refuses to take medicine, 2 antibiotics & pain pills
  • envision a cat version of this
  • sleeps constantly
  • - unable to walk
  • - crawls to food & water and litter box
  • - eats laying down
  • ... when awake, picks at stitches and staples in leg
  • ... it is determined that Delmar is the worst patient, ever
  • Tuesday, 20 September - Wednesday, 9 November:
  • recovers and gets stronger every day
  • wakes up every morning at 4.30am to eat, and then goes back to sleep
  • has several check ups at the vet
    • is a total ham around strangers
    • sits tall like meerkat when people acknowledge him
    • ... also purrs
  • attempts to break out of kennel
  • ... constantly
  • eats cat treats
  • ... constantly
  • gains 2 pounds
  • ... seriously.
  • Wednesday, 9 November: has minor surgery on leg to repair a damaged bone
  • ... also has one toe amputated
  • recovers from surgery swimmingly
  • is able to walk, run, and jump
Delmar is now living the high life, eating, sleeping, and lounging all hours of the day and night.  I joke that I did not realize I even liked him until his accident happened. --- which is actually not a joke at all.  Somehow he has managed to carve out a place in my (at times) grinch-like heart.

To read his whole story, check out Del's GiveForward page ... and if you are feeling generous, throw this fella a buck or two ... 'tis the season.  Plus, who can resist this face?

April 2010, the day we adopted Del.

My family and I are very grateful to have Delmar with us this holiday season.  We are also thankful for the care and treatment he has received from the staff at VCA Boulevard Animal Hospital.  And finally, thanks to RedRover for their Emergency Relief Grant which helped fund Delmar's surgery.  

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  1. I've been thinking about Delmar. He looks so good. Thank you for sharing the update.