30 October 2012

Oh Sandy the aurora is risin' behind us

Hurricane Sandy rolled through yesterday. She turned out to be a rather uneventful storm.  In the big scheme of things, I suppose that is nothing to complain about.

During Sandy's lackluster wrath I:

  • slept. 
  • woke up.
  • lounged.
  • refused to put on real clothes.
  • read.
  • ... the rain and wind provided the perfect setting for a lazy Monday morning filled with cozy clothes, staying inside, and reading.
  • checked the attic for leaks.
  • was pleased that there were no leaks in the attic. 
  • consumed some delicious treats from McDonald's ... while I noticed that Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-a were shut down because of the storm, good ol' McDonald's was up and running.
  • watched Men In Black.
  •  did not lose power.
  • did not lose cable/ internet.
  • was not flooded.
  • read.
  • watched Sandy get more angry as she moved up the coast.
  • was happy to see Sandy go, and am now hoping for a quick clean up of all the areas that she hit hard. 

20 September 2012

11 Songs

  1. Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights
  2. Earth, Wind & Fire - September
  3. How Will I Know - Glee Cast Version
  4. I Hope This Gets to You - The Daylights
  5. Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
  6. Missy Higgins - Don't Ever
  7. The Shins - Simple Song
  8. The Shins - It's Only Life 
  9. Blow Me - Pink
  10. The Kooks - Naive
  11. Muse - Uprising

18 September 2012

All the Small Things

I have come to realize that there are certain things that I tend not to finish. Typically they either become lost, expire, or I develope a sort of product boredom and therefore buy something newer, flashier, or better smelling.  Thus, I always pat myself on the back when I completely conquer:

  • a tube of Chapstick
  • a can of bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • ... actually any bottle of lotion
  • a run of the mill no. 2 pencil
  • candles
  • a pad of Post-its 
  • a bottle of vitamins 

17 September 2012

Fall of Positivity

Any season that is not summer, I am complaining about it. This is not the first time. With the onset of September, I am currently suffering from my annual post summer disenchantment.  I am, however, trying to look at the bright side:

  • pretty leaves
  • windows down/ open weather
  • hot tea
  • hot Starbucks drinks
  • hoodie weather
  • subtle cool wind
  • ... very subtle
  • ... ... actually never mind the cool wind
  • sweaters
  • ... especially cardigans
  • September - Earth Wind & Fire
  • after a summer of re-runs, new Jeopardy! shows 
  • fall reading
  • football season
  • post season baseball
  • these words by E. Hemingway
  • halloween
  • pumpkins
  • pumpkin beer
  • pumpkin scented candles
  • Hocus Pocus 
  • Thanksgiving

16 September 2012

Oh Happy Day

It has been a exactly a year! Today is the one year anniversary since this guy was hit by a car.  I have mentioned him a few times.  What started out as a terrible, horrible, traumatizing morning, ended up being a long and slow recovery, AND a year later, Del is livin' the high life.

Del, fall 2011, during his recovery

Today, Delmar:
  • is large
  • ... he has put on some pounds, and is now a hefty 15.5 lbs.
  • is uncoordinated, yet amusing to watch.
  • still hasn't quite grown into his ears.
  • looks angry a lot of the time, but he is a happy boy, I swear.
  • loves to sleep
  • loves to lounge
  • loves to shred newspaper
  • loves Temptations Cat Treats 
  • loves chasing moths and butterflies

We are so happy and thankful that he has made a full recovery; he has truly been a blessing to our family. 

Baby Delmar was one of the cutest kittens in the world.

15 September 2012

No List Saturday

Currently one of my favorite book quotes:

“I was born into BolĂ­var's labyrinth, and so I must believe in the hope of Rabelais' Great Perhaps.”
- John Green, Looking for Alaska ... from the acknowledgements  

14 September 2012

No List Friday

I posted this on Instagram [or Instagramed this?], but thought it was too good not to post again.  I was at Target the other day and spotted this game:

It is a cup with a ping pong ball. The goal is to throw the ball in the cup. Sound familiar? 

12 September 2012

Late to the Party

I feel like I am constantly late to the party. Either because I think I am too cool for school and still have these delusions that not conforming is actually cool, OR because I am simply just lagging behind.  Nonetheless, lately I have been playing the following [much of which is not new to the world, but new to my ears] nonstop on my iTunes, and finding great enjoyment in:

Port of Marrow, The Shins

XX, The XX

The Ol' Razzle Dazzle, Missy Higgins
[disclaimer: not nearly as good as, The Sound of White, but still okay]

19 August 2012

Brief Encounters with Sunday

  • awake
  • rain
  • brunch
  • eggs benedict
  • Mimosa
  • phone falls in mud puddle
  • Starbucks
  • library
  • library fine
  • checkout
  • Looking for Alaska
  • phone still working, sporadically
  • connect phone to MacBook to transfer pictures
  • phone falls to floor
  • phone will not recognize SD card
  • phone suffered two traumatic experiences in one day
  • Made of Honor
  • Lion King
  • Married to Jonas
  • I Feel Bad About My Neck
  • sleep

17 August 2012

No List Friday

That one time I was trying to run by the ATM, and upon arrival realized not one, but both were being held hostage by old people who seemed to not know how to operate them efficiently.

15 August 2012

Like like like, like like like ...

I went on a rare Facebook binge today, and added the following to my 'likes.' [... or 'liked' the following? ... I don't speak Facebook fluently anymore]

  • RedRover
  • Morning Glory
  • Mean Girls
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda
  • Glee
  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • Baltimore Raves
  • Washington Nationals
  • SF Giants
  • bookstores
  • libraries
  • maps

13 August 2012

06 August 2012

Book Title Riddle

This conversation happened yesterday:

Me: I just got that book by Nora Ephron.
LP: What book?
Me: You know, the one with, 'neck' in the title.
LP: No.
Me: Yeah, it's something like:

  • My Neck is Fat
  • I Hate My Neck
  • I Love My Neck
  • My Neck Has Wrinkles
  • My Neck is Old
  • I'm Too Old for My Neck
  • I Look Younger Than My Neck
  • My Neck Looks Young
  • Look at My Neck
  • Don't Look at My Neck
  • Don't Touch My Neck
  • My Neck Jiggles
LP: ... no.

Somehow, all of my guesses were wrong.

Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck

03 August 2012

No List Friday

Got a new Moleskine.
Made a list of things to do before August is over.

02 August 2012


I could not sit down and focus, so I headed to Barnes & Noble to update my resume.  Things did not go as planned:

  • ordered drink
  • scoped out a table near no one
  • created new playlist on iTunes
  • cracked open a new Moleskine
  • Tweeted
  • ... 6 tweets
  • sent 2 text messages
  • checked Facebook
  • posted a note on a real life friend's virtual wall
  • favorited 2 tweets
  • [wait, 'favorited' is not an actual word, right?]
  • ... added 2 tweets to my favorites list
  • sent 1 e-mail
  • checked Instagram
  •  did not so much as glimpse at resume
  • #fail

01 August 2012

11 Songs

Kick kick, shuffle shuffle, back to the beach. - Dispatch, Bang Bang

Riverview Farm Park, Newport News, VA

  1. Grits - Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like)
  2. Dispatch - Bang Bang
  3. The Strange Boys - Be Brave
  4. The Head and the Heart - Cats and Dogs
  5. Tanlines - All of Me
  6. Dispatch - Elias
  7. Modest Mouse - Float On
  8. Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart
  9. No Doubt - Running
  10. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
  11. The Head and the Heart - Down In the Valley

30 July 2012

Brief Encounters With the Bay

I went to the beach last week.

I have a routine when I go:
  1. I typically go to the same spot
  2. preferably near the water
  3. but not too close to the water
  4. and away from people
  5. especially if the people are kids
  6. after I get situated, I jump into the water
  7. ... not really jump so much as fly through the scorching hot sand, and then wade into the water
  8. nonetheless, I get in the water, go under, re-emerge, retreat back to my claimed territory, and then read while I dry off.

Sounds simple right? Well, last week everything was going swimmingly until it was time for me to go under water.

  • The sun was shinning, the water was flat, as I plunged into the bay.
  • Per usual, I had my sun glasses on.
  • Spoiler alert: that didn't last.
  • In my mind, I am also a lot more graceful than I am in real life.
  • So I went to go underwater; and then I felt my glasses slipping off of my face.
  • My natural reaction was to open my mouth.
  • My mouth immediately filled with salt water
  • ... and ruined the gum I was chewing on.
  • ... which caused me to yell/ grimace/ choke all at the same time
  • AND all the while I was trying to retrieve my glasses that I felt ricocheting off of me as they drifted away.
  • Luckily I was able to catch my breath, fix my hair, and retrieve my glasses after a brief yet frantic search.
  • ... I am still on the hunt for my dignity and grace.

29 July 2012

Whine Time

Oh, Life As List, where art thou?

  • on a boat!

No, not really, more like:

  • lounging
  • loafing
  • lolling
  • lazing
  • moping
  • ... not to be confused with mopping.
  • reading
  • claiming to read more so than actually reading in order to sound cool.
  • jotting down notes/ thoughts/ lists and then not developing them.

02 July 2012

11 [Wedding] Songs

Celebrated the wedding of a gal pal of mine this past weekend, why not make a mix of appropriate songs?

  1. Hall & Oates - Rich Girl
  2. The Lumineers - Ho Hey
  3. Rihanna - We Found Love
  4. Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
  5. Florence + the Machine - You've Got the Love
  6. Regina Spektor - Samson
  7. Jay-Z - Big Pimpin'
  8. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Home
  9. Beyonce - Love On Top
  10. Birdy - Skinny Love
  11. Blake Shelton - Home

27 June 2012

Cram Sessions

Story of my life:

  • wedding to go to this weekend
  • working this week
  • misplaced invitation
  • time: unknown
  • place: unknown
  • shoes to match dress: un-purchased

26 June 2012

Just Wasting Time

Places I got stuck in line today:

Waitin' on the coal train to pass.

Waitin' for my Starbucks beverage.

07 June 2012

Afternoon of Leisure

I spent part of my afternoon here:

While soaking up some sun, and reading, I noticed the following:

  • one cute guy, walking a fixed gear
  • boisterous bird
  • bird watcher
  • bird watcher's female companion
  • two shirtless stoner types who said, 'good morning' as they passed by at approximately 1:30pm
  • two jets
  • one helicopter
  • obnoxious mom pushing double stroller shouting into cell phone about yogurt
  • lady in scrubs, reading book
  • older man with frisbee, and young child
  • small passenger plane
  • guy with headphones
  • dog with guy with headphones
  • multiple birds
  • two girls on beach towel, eating Sonic

06 June 2012

Anatomy of School Libraries

I read [F]oxymoron'sSo What If It’s The Beginning Of The End Of DC’s School Libraries?.  What follows is my play by play reaction.

  • I absolutely loved my elementary school librarian. Mrs. Bright ... can you imagine a better name for an elementary school librarian?
  • She was a gem. 
  • Considering all levels of education, in my novice opinion, I think school libraries are most needed at the elementary level.
  • There is so much more to it than books, reading skills, fostering imagination and interests (... and forget that libraries encourage kids to read.)
    • Such as: 
    • it gives the teacher a break/ planning time, and it breaks up the monotony of sitting in a classroom
    • you learn how to behave/ different environments demand different behavior. i.e. you don't run around screaming in a library like you do on the playground.
    • you learn how to be quiet, sit still, and pay attention during story time 
    • you learn how to find things
    • you learn order
    • you learn that things have a place
    • you learn what fiction and nonfiction mean
    • you learn how to use the card catalog, and the Dewy Decimal System
    • you learn to put things back where they belong
    • you learn to respect things that aren't yours ... you learn to respect books.
  • And lastly, you learn life skills, like how to patiently wait in line, how to interact with someone when you check out a book, and you learn responsibility by being trusted to take something home, and then bring it back by a specified date. 
... or maybe I should have said, 'things you should have learned.'  Maybe I was just a lucky kid?  I feel the need to also point out that all of this could be taught by an involved parent and a public library. A novel idea, right?

02 June 2012

Anatomy of a Schmuck

I was at a sporting goods store last weekend, minding my own business, and then I heard someone say, "yes, I'm looking to purchase the most expensive canoe you have."  I turned to see what type of human makes comments like this, and I observed the following:

  • man
  • middle aged
  • American
  • beard
  • glasses
  • plaid shorts
  • loafers
  • ... not boat shoes, loafers
  • polo
  • not just any polo, a hot pink polo
  • popped collar
  • man purse
  • in addition to the, 'expensive canoe' comment I also heard him say that he wanted to rig it with an outboard motor (yes, outboard) ... in his words: 'you know, in case your arms get tired, or you pull a muscle paddling'

31 May 2012

11 Songs

  1. Beyonce - Love on Top
  2. Bronze Radio Return - Shake, Shake, Shake
  3. The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
  4. Eric Church - Springsteen
  5. Glee Cast - Shake It Out
  6. Karmin - Brokenhearted
  7. Ace Frehley - New York Groove
  8. Florence & The Machine - You've Got the Love
  9. Hall & Oates - She's Gone
  10. Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter
  11. Katy Perry - Wide Awake

30 May 2012

Anatomy of a Rainy Wednesday

  • Starbucks
  • Today Show
  • job application
  • quality time with a book
  • new music
  • trashy tv
  • leisure time

24 May 2012

Anatomy of a Bag Lady

As I was rifling through my purse looking for money as I waited in line at Starbucks the other day, I suddenly realized:

  1. I have a lot of randomness going on in my bag right now, and 
  2. I am a bag lady. 

The contents of purse consist of:

  • cell phone
  • wallet
  • coin purse
  • car keys
  • 35mm camera
  • dental floss
  • iPod headphones
  • travel pack of q-tips
  • map of New York, NY
  • State Bicycle coupon
  • bottle of Pamprin
  • 2 tampons
  • Moleskine notepad
  • Marriott key card
  • 4 Starbucks 'Pick of the Week' cards, all expired
  • 2 $1.00 bills
  • 12 miscellaneous receipts (since thrown away)
  • table place card from wedding
  • wedding toast, from wedding
  • 3 random scrap notes/ ideas for Life As List
  • another roll of dental floss
  • Tums
  • 3 tubes of Chapstick
  • green Sharpie pen
  • Sharpie extra fine point marker
  • 6 pens
  • mechanical pencil
  • penny from 1988

23 May 2012

11 [Glee] Songs

I believe I have confessed before that not only do I watch Glee, I also enjoy it. Eek! It is just so darn catchy, and albeit unrealistic, I can't get enough.  One of the things that impresses me the most about the show is the way that the songs directly align with the story lines.

Last night was the season 3 finale.  This got me thinking about my favorite Glee covers from this season.  The final tally looks like this:

  1. Shake It Out (Florence + the Machine)
  2. Rumor Has It/ Somebody That I Used to Know (Adele)
  3. How Will I Know (Whitney Houston)
  4. We Found Love (Rihanna)
  5. Somebody That I Used to Know (Gotye)
  6. Tongue Tied (Grouplove)
  7. Glory Days (Bruce Springsteen)
  8. You Get What You Give (New Radicals)
  9. Dinosaur (Ke$ha)
  10. In My Life (The Beatles)
  11. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)

15 May 2012

11 Songs

  1. Mayer Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'
  2. Third Eye Blind - Summer Town
  3. The Wallflowers - Josephine
  4. Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
  5. Blitzen Trapper - Furr
  6. Elton John - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
  7. Jason Mraz - Live High
  8. Bon Iver - Creature Fear
  9. The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin' On
  10. Dave Matthews Band - Digging a Ditch
  11. Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way 

14 May 2012

Lessons learned from watching Psycho

Psycho was on t.v. all day yesterday. I learned the following:

  • don't steal $40,000
  • don't stay at the Bates Motel
  • don't stay at any motel that has 12 cabins, and they are all empty
  • don't stay in cabin 1
  • don't stay in the room next to (connected to) the office ... there is probably a peephole
  • check room for peepholes 
  • don't accept dinner invitations from Norman Bates
  • don't eat sandwiches with Norman Bates
  • don't take a shower
  • don't visit creepy house next to motel
  • when running from a crazy murderer, don't run to basement
  • don't tap a little old lady on the shoulder ... (spoiler alert) she is actually a skeleton

10 May 2012

11 Songs

  1. Van Morrison - Into the Mystic
  2. Simon & Garfunkel - Cecilia 
  3. Nicki Minaj - Starships
  4. Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball
  5. Bruce Springsteen - Backstreets
  6. Jamestown Revival - The Revival
  7. Modest Mouse - Float On
  8. The Temper Trap - Love Lost
  9. Glee Cast - Shake It Out
  10. Gotye - I Feel Better
  11. Dave Matthews Band - Sledgehammer

29 April 2012

Red Books

There has been a theme with the books I have been reading lately:

28 April 2012

Knuckle Up

You know when tattoo people have the tattoos across their knuckles?  One hand says, 'love' ... the other says, 'hate'? There is even a blog, appropriately titled KnuckleTattoos.

Yeah, well I got to thinking about things that would be suitable for my knuckles, things like:


27 April 2012

No List [Grown-Ups] Friday

Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of nostalgia:

circa 1989

[insert 23 years here]

[and switch places in the line-up]

circa April 2012

26 April 2012

The Situation

What's that? All of my tweets archived in a book (including an index)?! Sign me up!

I have wanted one of these for a while. The problem is I cannot come up with a title. I am stuck ... I just cannot figure out what encapsulates @LizRambles ... BUT I have compiled a working list of possible titles:

  • LizRambles? ... more like, LizMumbles
  • A Series of Unfortunate Tweets
  • LizRambles and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  • Wit, Wisdom, and Mundane Nonsense
  • Beast of Burden
  • Virtual Musings
  • Life As Tweets
  • 140 Characters or Bust
  • Tweet It, Don't Spray It
  • Tweets Gone Wild
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends
  • No One Likes a Gloater
  • Expendable.
  • Infinite Tweets
  • Volume One
  • ... bums on the outside, tweets inside.

25 April 2012

Give Your Heart a Break

Lately, I have been acquiring some new jams, including:

... and the, 'I have no shame' new additions:

Listen, and enjoy ...

16 April 2012

Progressive Thoughts in the Shower

I took a shower this morning.
While there, this is what was going through my head:

  • Wow, my new body wash smells really good.
  • like, really good
  • I wonder if it tastes good
  • ... probably not.
  • Nonetheless, I hope I am never in a Donner Party situation ... I would probably be the first entree.

13 April 2012

12 April 2012

That one time I thought I got a cheesy compliment from a friend

Story of my life.

I logged onto Facebook yesterday and saw this on my wall (or do I say, 'timeline' instead of wall now? Either way I don't like it F-book is a hot, ugly mess these days.)

Nonetheless, a friend posted a link to, 33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You with the caption, "Number 21 is talking to you!"

  • So I clicked the link. You should, too!
  • It's hilarious.
  • ... and because I have the attention span of a 4 year old at times, by the time I read #3 I had no idea which number "is talking to you!"
  • Oh well, I continued through the list.
  • I really liked numbers 12, 19, 20, and 26.
  • and then I got down to number 33
  • Actually, this corgi thinks you're doing just fine. Because screw those other guys. "Keep up the great work," says this corgi, "I'm proud of you!"
  • For whatever reason, I was convinced this is what the F-book caption pointed me towards.
  • So I thought:
    • wow
    • that's really nice
    • ... and I am really undeserving
    • ... and I'm now just smiling
    • ... this really made my day
    • ... how thoughtful!
  • whomp, whomp.
  • I then re-read that F-book message, which directed me back to #21.
  • This otter is disappointed that you never finished Infinite Jest.
    • fitting, and deserving

08 April 2012

A Visit From the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter!

This year the Easter Bunny left some eclectic sweet treats, including:
  • a Starbucks gift card
  • undies
  • cash
  • a toaster oven
  • plenty of chocolate

05 April 2012


Not as random as I expected ... out of the 2399 songs I have on iTunes, these are the first 20 I was thrown ... plus a bonus 21st tune.

  1. New York Groove, Ace Frehley
  2. Soundtrack 2 My Life, Kid Cudi
  3. Cry Freedom, Dave Matthews Band
  4. Reckless Ambition, Blink 182
  5. In a Big Way, Darius Rucker
  6. Weird Divide, The Shins
  7. What Is Mine, OAR
  8. Bartender, Dave Matthews Band
  9. Clarity, John Mayer
  10. Piano Man, Billy Joel
  11. Camera Talk, Local Natives
  12. Drive Away, All American Rejects
  13. About Mr. Brown, OAR
  14. Daylight, Coldplay
  15. The Way I Am, Ingrid Michaelson
  16. Thriller, Michael Jackson
  17. Laundry Room, Avett Brothers
  18. Endgame, REM
  19. LA Woman, Billy Joel
  20. Gypsy Driftin', Toby Keith
  21. Hurricane Season, Trombone Shorty

28 March 2012

Free Winona

  • I had a dream about Winona Ryder.
  • Not that kind of dream ...
  • you perv.
  • but it was one of those dreams that seem really real,
  • for real.
  • I was in a crowded outdoor marketplace type place, and then I spotted Winona.
  • She was shopping with a friend, and people were crowded around her, let's be honest, because she's a boss.
  • I didn't go near them because, let's be honest, I am too cool for school, and didn't want to be one of 'those' people.
  • But then I noticed that she payed for something, and forgot her wallet.
  • So naturally, I picked it up ... and chased her down.
  • ... and returned her wallet to her.
  • She thanked me.
  • So then I said, "I'm sure you get Beetlejuice & Girl, Interrupted all the time, but you'll always be Jo March to me."
  • [I assuming all of you enlightened readers remember Jo from Little Women.]
  • So she laughed, and then departed with her friend ... but then turned around and said, "hey Liz, Jo. Such a little name for... such a person."
  • and then we both laughed ... and then continued going separate ways.
  • [if I was awake and coherent, and this encounter happened in real time, I probably would have also blurted out, "and I loved you in The Crucible , even though you were an obnoxious bitch!"]
  • I enjoyed the dream.
  • ... and I am pretty sure this means that in a parallel universe Winona Ryder and I are friends.

22 March 2012

Giftcard As List

Who would not enjoy a good ol' Barnes & Noble gift card? I decided to put mine that I got for Christmas to good work last week, and ordered some treats.

I opted for a rather eclectic mix:

21 March 2012

Can you hear me now?

While I spend plenty of time not updating LAL, I do spend plenty of time reading other, newly discovered noteworthy blogs.  Color me impressed by:

... click click click [... click click] and enjoy!

27 January 2012

No List Friday

Random Fact:

On the first day of my junior year of high school, Mariah & Jay-Z singing Heartbreaker was the first song I heard on the radio on my way to school.

04 January 2012


I get a little annoyed with all of the doomsday talk, BUT just what if the Mayans were right?  Should I be living this year any differently from my past years here on earth? Should I:

  • quit paying attention to speed limit signs?
  • refuse to pay foreseen speeding tickets?
  • run up tabs at bars and then bounce without paying?
  • skip my bi-annual teeth cleaning at the dentist in June?
  • apply for a bunch of credit cards?
  • upon being receiving said cards, run up a bunch of debt?
  • watch as much Jeopardy, Jersey Shore, and Parks and Recreation as possible?
  • quit my job?
  • quit saving money?
  • binge on as much fast food as possible, because who knows if there is a McDonald's in the next life?
  • quit washing my hands?
  • read as much as possible?
  • don't read at all?
  • diligently go to brunch on Sundays? ... while Sundays still exist
  • see new places?
  • stockpile necessities? ... is there a point?
  • bunker down at home and never leave?

03 January 2012

It's A New Day

As much as I am annoyed by the "best of 201l" lists and of reading people's resolutions, and of seeing things like, "2011 was awesome!!!" "I loved 2011, I married my best friend!!!" "I had a baby in 2011!!!"


... spare me.

BUT, I must admit it is difficult to not to get caught up in the nostalgia of the new year.  A new, clean slate; the possibilities of the future; will Leslie Knope win the city council election? ... will any of us survive to see 2013? ... yada, yada, yada.

Thus, my plans for the year I will keep simple:

  • blog more
  • read more
  • ... finish reading, The Marriage Plot (I am pretty sure I am the only one who finds it boringly average.)
  • knit more
  • save money

... cheers to a new year.