27 January 2012

No List Friday

Random Fact:

On the first day of my junior year of high school, Mariah & Jay-Z singing Heartbreaker was the first song I heard on the radio on my way to school.

04 January 2012


I get a little annoyed with all of the doomsday talk, BUT just what if the Mayans were right?  Should I be living this year any differently from my past years here on earth? Should I:

  • quit paying attention to speed limit signs?
  • refuse to pay foreseen speeding tickets?
  • run up tabs at bars and then bounce without paying?
  • skip my bi-annual teeth cleaning at the dentist in June?
  • apply for a bunch of credit cards?
  • upon being receiving said cards, run up a bunch of debt?
  • watch as much Jeopardy, Jersey Shore, and Parks and Recreation as possible?
  • quit my job?
  • quit saving money?
  • binge on as much fast food as possible, because who knows if there is a McDonald's in the next life?
  • quit washing my hands?
  • read as much as possible?
  • don't read at all?
  • diligently go to brunch on Sundays? ... while Sundays still exist
  • see new places?
  • stockpile necessities? ... is there a point?
  • bunker down at home and never leave?

03 January 2012

It's A New Day

As much as I am annoyed by the "best of 201l" lists and of reading people's resolutions, and of seeing things like, "2011 was awesome!!!" "I loved 2011, I married my best friend!!!" "I had a baby in 2011!!!"


... spare me.

BUT, I must admit it is difficult to not to get caught up in the nostalgia of the new year.  A new, clean slate; the possibilities of the future; will Leslie Knope win the city council election? ... will any of us survive to see 2013? ... yada, yada, yada.

Thus, my plans for the year I will keep simple:

  • blog more
  • read more
  • ... finish reading, The Marriage Plot (I am pretty sure I am the only one who finds it boringly average.)
  • knit more
  • save money

... cheers to a new year.