28 March 2012

Free Winona

  • I had a dream about Winona Ryder.
  • Not that kind of dream ...
  • you perv.
  • but it was one of those dreams that seem really real,
  • for real.
  • I was in a crowded outdoor marketplace type place, and then I spotted Winona.
  • She was shopping with a friend, and people were crowded around her, let's be honest, because she's a boss.
  • I didn't go near them because, let's be honest, I am too cool for school, and didn't want to be one of 'those' people.
  • But then I noticed that she payed for something, and forgot her wallet.
  • So naturally, I picked it up ... and chased her down.
  • ... and returned her wallet to her.
  • She thanked me.
  • So then I said, "I'm sure you get Beetlejuice & Girl, Interrupted all the time, but you'll always be Jo March to me."
  • [I assuming all of you enlightened readers remember Jo from Little Women.]
  • So she laughed, and then departed with her friend ... but then turned around and said, "hey Liz, Jo. Such a little name for... such a person."
  • and then we both laughed ... and then continued going separate ways.
  • [if I was awake and coherent, and this encounter happened in real time, I probably would have also blurted out, "and I loved you in The Crucible , even though you were an obnoxious bitch!"]
  • I enjoyed the dream.
  • ... and I am pretty sure this means that in a parallel universe Winona Ryder and I are friends.

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