14 May 2012

Lessons learned from watching Psycho

Psycho was on t.v. all day yesterday. I learned the following:

  • don't steal $40,000
  • don't stay at the Bates Motel
  • don't stay at any motel that has 12 cabins, and they are all empty
  • don't stay in cabin 1
  • don't stay in the room next to (connected to) the office ... there is probably a peephole
  • check room for peepholes 
  • don't accept dinner invitations from Norman Bates
  • don't eat sandwiches with Norman Bates
  • don't take a shower
  • don't visit creepy house next to motel
  • when running from a crazy murderer, don't run to basement
  • don't tap a little old lady on the shoulder ... (spoiler alert) she is actually a skeleton

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