19 August 2012

Brief Encounters with Sunday

  • awake
  • rain
  • brunch
  • eggs benedict
  • Mimosa
  • phone falls in mud puddle
  • Starbucks
  • library
  • library fine
  • checkout
  • Looking for Alaska
  • phone still working, sporadically
  • connect phone to MacBook to transfer pictures
  • phone falls to floor
  • phone will not recognize SD card
  • phone suffered two traumatic experiences in one day
  • Made of Honor
  • Lion King
  • Married to Jonas
  • I Feel Bad About My Neck
  • sleep

17 August 2012

No List Friday

That one time I was trying to run by the ATM, and upon arrival realized not one, but both were being held hostage by old people who seemed to not know how to operate them efficiently.

15 August 2012

Like like like, like like like ...

I went on a rare Facebook binge today, and added the following to my 'likes.' [... or 'liked' the following? ... I don't speak Facebook fluently anymore]

  • RedRover
  • Morning Glory
  • Mean Girls
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda
  • Glee
  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • Baltimore Raves
  • Washington Nationals
  • SF Giants
  • bookstores
  • libraries
  • maps

13 August 2012

06 August 2012

Book Title Riddle

This conversation happened yesterday:

Me: I just got that book by Nora Ephron.
LP: What book?
Me: You know, the one with, 'neck' in the title.
LP: No.
Me: Yeah, it's something like:

  • My Neck is Fat
  • I Hate My Neck
  • I Love My Neck
  • My Neck Has Wrinkles
  • My Neck is Old
  • I'm Too Old for My Neck
  • I Look Younger Than My Neck
  • My Neck Looks Young
  • Look at My Neck
  • Don't Look at My Neck
  • Don't Touch My Neck
  • My Neck Jiggles
LP: ... no.

Somehow, all of my guesses were wrong.

Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck

03 August 2012

No List Friday

Got a new Moleskine.
Made a list of things to do before August is over.

02 August 2012


I could not sit down and focus, so I headed to Barnes & Noble to update my resume.  Things did not go as planned:

  • ordered drink
  • scoped out a table near no one
  • created new playlist on iTunes
  • cracked open a new Moleskine
  • Tweeted
  • ... 6 tweets
  • sent 2 text messages
  • checked Facebook
  • posted a note on a real life friend's virtual wall
  • favorited 2 tweets
  • [wait, 'favorited' is not an actual word, right?]
  • ... added 2 tweets to my favorites list
  • sent 1 e-mail
  • checked Instagram
  •  did not so much as glimpse at resume
  • #fail

01 August 2012

11 Songs

Kick kick, shuffle shuffle, back to the beach. - Dispatch, Bang Bang

Riverview Farm Park, Newport News, VA

  1. Grits - Ooh Ahh (My Life Be Like)
  2. Dispatch - Bang Bang
  3. The Strange Boys - Be Brave
  4. The Head and the Heart - Cats and Dogs
  5. Tanlines - All of Me
  6. Dispatch - Elias
  7. Modest Mouse - Float On
  8. Of Monsters and Men - King and Lionheart
  9. No Doubt - Running
  10. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run
  11. The Head and the Heart - Down In the Valley