06 August 2012

Book Title Riddle

This conversation happened yesterday:

Me: I just got that book by Nora Ephron.
LP: What book?
Me: You know, the one with, 'neck' in the title.
LP: No.
Me: Yeah, it's something like:

  • My Neck is Fat
  • I Hate My Neck
  • I Love My Neck
  • My Neck Has Wrinkles
  • My Neck is Old
  • I'm Too Old for My Neck
  • I Look Younger Than My Neck
  • My Neck Looks Young
  • Look at My Neck
  • Don't Look at My Neck
  • Don't Touch My Neck
  • My Neck Jiggles
LP: ... no.

Somehow, all of my guesses were wrong.

Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck

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