22 January 2013


  • I am currently addicted to Gossip Girl
  • I have no desire to watch Downton Abbey
  • whenever I see a mailman, I often sing the mail song from Blues Clues in my head ... is that just me?
  • I think Pinterest is ridiculously overrated ... is that just me?
  • I love, love, love, "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" BUT I have never read, and am pretty sure I am incapable of reading Ulysses ... so I feel like a giant poser.
  • Whenever I lose at Letterpress I instantly think it is because whomever beat me was cheating
  • I am terrified of catching the flu
  • I got a thing called an iPhone
  • I really want a tattoo
    • no I don't
    • yes I do
    • ... I can't make up my mind
  • I started following @cats_of_instagram
  • I don't care what the experts say, there are few greater feelings than cleaning your ears with Q-tips after a shower
  • I am more than ready for the spring/ summer

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