20 February 2013

I Am Not a Role Model

One might think given my age and the amount of times I have washed my hair that I would be good at it by now.

If so, you are wrong.

I took a shower tonight, and this happened:

  • I got shampoo in my eyes
  • actually just one eye
  • my left eye
  • ... like TLC
  • it was awful
  • seriously, if felt like there were needles in my eye
  • cops don't need pepper spray, they need Paul Mitchell
  • the only thing that made my face feel better was to let the water run right in my face
  • ... which led to me getting water up my nose
  • ... and then I did some sort of gasping thing
  • ... so I inhaled water
  • ... and then I was coughing
  • it wasn't pretty
  • SO basically, I almost drown tonight trying to wash my hair
Life is rough.

... and my eye is still burning.

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