29 March 2013

No List Friday

'Tis the season for baseball. Check out the deals from the 1929 Sears catalog.

08 March 2013

No List Friday

Stumbled upon this 1st edition gem in storage at work this week:

The Little Island

Who could resist illustrations like this?

cat on sailboat ... color me happy

06 March 2013

Brief Encounter With A Vending Machine

  • The other day all I wanted was a granola bar
  • so I took a trip to the vending machine
  • I thought the granola bars were housed in the E4 slot
  • so I fed the machine money
  • and pressed E4
  • I was wrong
  • The granola bars live at E6
  • I selected Mini Chewy SweeTarts:

  • As I was screaming, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO" in my head, the pack of Mini Chewy SweeTarts got stuck
  • Not wanting to walk away empty handed, I payed for a second pack of Mini Chewy SweetTarts ...
  • which resulted in me getting to first mis-purchashed pack of candy being delivered to me, and the second pack getting stuck.
  • At this point I was out of change.
  • I ended up overpaying for Mini Chewy SweeTarts that I didn't want,
  • and not getting a granola bar.
  • Such as life.

05 March 2013

11 Songs

  1. Modest Mouse - Night on the Sun
  2. Bastille - Pompeii
  3. Kid Cudi - Up Up & Away
  4. Rihanna - Diamonds
  5. Van Morrison - Crazy Love
  6. The Lumineers - Stubborn Love
  7. Birdy - Young Blood
  8. Alabama Shakes - Hold On
  9. Santigold - Girls
  10. Ingrid Michaelson - You & I
  11. Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen