06 March 2013

Brief Encounter With A Vending Machine

  • The other day all I wanted was a granola bar
  • so I took a trip to the vending machine
  • I thought the granola bars were housed in the E4 slot
  • so I fed the machine money
  • and pressed E4
  • I was wrong
  • The granola bars live at E6
  • I selected Mini Chewy SweeTarts:

  • As I was screaming, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO" in my head, the pack of Mini Chewy SweeTarts got stuck
  • Not wanting to walk away empty handed, I payed for a second pack of Mini Chewy SweetTarts ...
  • which resulted in me getting to first mis-purchashed pack of candy being delivered to me, and the second pack getting stuck.
  • At this point I was out of change.
  • I ended up overpaying for Mini Chewy SweeTarts that I didn't want,
  • and not getting a granola bar.
  • Such as life.

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