30 April 2013

11 Songs

  1. Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass
  2. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - 40 Day Dream
  3. Matt & Kim - Daylight
  4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Under the Earth
  5. The Roots - Here I Come
  6. Third Eye Blind - Wake For Young Souls
  7. Ryan Adams - Starting to Hurt
  8. Tanlines - All Of Me
  9. She & Him - Sweet Darlin'
  10. Rihanna - Talk That Talk
  11. Phoenix - Lasso

27 April 2013

Doodle Me This

Things I like:

  • finding old doodles in old books


List on book (!)

Double Bonus:

Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace

26 April 2013

25 April 2013

11 Songs

  1. Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
  2. Theophilus London - Strange Love
  3. Tegan and Sara - Closer
  4. The Dead Weather - Hustle and Cuss
  5. The Dead Weather - Will There Be Enough Water
  6. Macklemore - Victory Lap
  7. Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Delta Spirit - 911
  9. The Avett Brothers - I Never Knew You
  10. Bronze Radio Return - Shake! Shake! Shake!
  11. Jay-Z - My President Is Black

24 April 2013

Movie Shortcomings

I could not sleep last night, so naturally it made since to watch The Hunger Games on Netflix.

Big mistake.

I went from being tired and unable to sleep, to being wide awake and annoyed ... more so by the movie than by the fact that I was awake.

The more I watch the movie, I find more things that bother me, like:

  • UGH. Of all things to change, why would you not include Madge in the movie!?
  • UGH. Hey, while you're busy erasing Madge, you should totally butcher, downplay, ruin, mar the way in which Katniss acquires the mockingjay pin.
  • UGH. Katniss buying the mockingjay pin from Greasy Sae? ... lame.
  • UGH. Peeta looks like such a wimpy dweeb.
  • UGH. The shaky iPhone-esque footage capturing style while running around? --- it doesn't make me feel like I am part of the movie, it makes me feel seasick.
  • UGH. Didn't the movie cost trillions of dollars to make? Some of that budget should have gone to making Katniss's fire dress look legit.
  • UGH. The Cornucopia looks like a mediocre AP Art project.
  • UGH. Way to not capture the depth and breadth of the bond Katniss and Rue shared.
  • UGH. Way to not capture all the effort that Haymitch had to put into lining up sponsors for Katniss.
  • UGH. Way to completely butcher the scene where Katniss finds Peeta in the mud.  It was one of my favorite parts of the book. Thanks.

23 April 2013

Backseat Clutter

The backseat in my car has been accumulating clutter to the point of me looking like a junior hoarder; upon un-cluttering it, I have uncovered:

  • a travel first aid kit
  • box of tissues
  • unused plastic silverware
  • ice scrapper
  • hoodie
  • sweat pants
  • another ice scrapper
  • box of Band-Aids
  • lunch box (empty)
  • cough drops
  • hand lotion
  • rain jacket
  • EarPods case
  • sun glasses
  • hand sanitizer
  • notepad
  • multiple discarded lists
  • numerous water bottles
  • J.Crew catalog
  • Real Simple magazine

19 April 2013

10 April 2013

Rational Irrational Fears?

Let's be honest, a lot of things scare me.

Did you see the story about the guy who was in his bedroom, and then was swallowed by a sinkhole?  It happened.  ... and sinkholes are one of my many fears, also making the scaredy cat list are:

  • flying
  • getting the flu
  • blood clots
  • food poisoning
  • making left turns
  • roller coasters
  • paper cuts
  • 'spontaneous death' ... I don't think this is a real term, I just made it up ... but it's when you're fine one second, and then dead.
  • germs
  • every type of natural disaster
  • suspicious moles ... not the animals
  • appendicitis
  • the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz
  • parking garages imploding
  • flesh eating bacteria
  • cat scratch fever
  • MRSA
  • wrinkles
  • age spots
  • unfortunate encounters with garbage disposals
  • passing out

06 April 2013

11 Songs

  1. Muse - Uprising
  2. The Lumineers - Stubborn Love
  3. Ben Folds - You Don't Know Me
  4. The Shins - No Way Down
  5. Justin Timberlake - Mirrors
  6. The Temper Trap - Fader
  7. The XX - Islands
  8. The Mowgli's - Time
  9. Florence & the Machine - Shake It Out
  10. Jamestown Revival - Beat On Down
  11. Local Natives - Sun 

05 April 2013

04 April 2013

Sounds Like ...

I commonly confuse the following (solely based on spelling):

  • Septum
  • Scrotum
  • Sternum