24 April 2013

Movie Shortcomings

I could not sleep last night, so naturally it made since to watch The Hunger Games on Netflix.

Big mistake.

I went from being tired and unable to sleep, to being wide awake and annoyed ... more so by the movie than by the fact that I was awake.

The more I watch the movie, I find more things that bother me, like:

  • UGH. Of all things to change, why would you not include Madge in the movie!?
  • UGH. Hey, while you're busy erasing Madge, you should totally butcher, downplay, ruin, mar the way in which Katniss acquires the mockingjay pin.
  • UGH. Katniss buying the mockingjay pin from Greasy Sae? ... lame.
  • UGH. Peeta looks like such a wimpy dweeb.
  • UGH. The shaky iPhone-esque footage capturing style while running around? --- it doesn't make me feel like I am part of the movie, it makes me feel seasick.
  • UGH. Didn't the movie cost trillions of dollars to make? Some of that budget should have gone to making Katniss's fire dress look legit.
  • UGH. The Cornucopia looks like a mediocre AP Art project.
  • UGH. Way to not capture the depth and breadth of the bond Katniss and Rue shared.
  • UGH. Way to not capture all the effort that Haymitch had to put into lining up sponsors for Katniss.
  • UGH. Way to completely butcher the scene where Katniss finds Peeta in the mud.  It was one of my favorite parts of the book. Thanks.

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