05 June 2013


Not too long ago, I was weighing the pros and cons of becoming a bank robber.

My main bank robber inspiration derived from:
  • the Hamburglar
  • Bonnie [Parker]
  • any good excuse to cover my face with a bandanna

[I realize now that there are inherent flaws with the above mentioned.  One person is fictitious and known for stealing food, the other was ambushed when she was 23 ... and I shouldn't be divulging any potential disguises.]

Not everything about robbing banks is bad, there's:
  • money
  • excitement
  • fun costumes
  • ability to become famous
  • job security
  • tax free wages
  • early retirement
  • flexible hours

On the downside, I do not think I am the ideal candidate for robbin' banks because:

  • I am generally slow moving
  • and clumsy
  • and lazy.
  • I lack bank robbing social skills 
  • ... as in, not assertive when demanding money or making threats.
  • I am not a genius. 
  • I am awful at lying
  • ... I can't even lie about being able to lie.
  • I would not be a good get away driver.
  • I am a rule follower, mostly.
  • I don't want to get shot,
  • or be ambushed. 
  • I am not clever enough to create a good alias, 
  • or a fake back story for when I show up to a new town.

... back to the drawing board.  

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