20 October 2014


  • There are no words to describe how cool Legos really are.
  • I washed my duvet the other day, but once the ordeal was over, I didn't feel like stuffing my comforter back inside it, so as of now I just have a rumpled mess of duvet and comforter on my bed that I just kind of get tangled under every night. 
  • I am currently in love with the L.L. Bean 6" Signature Waxed-Canvas Maine Hunting Shoe. They have been out of stock for months, and it really bothers me.
  • When I hear the name Heathcliff I instantly think of Wuthering Heights AND a fat orange cat.
  • Currently rediscovering my love for Mad Men.
  • Currently rediscovering my love for Harry Crane.
  • Currently rediscovering my loathing of Pete Campbell. 
  • I have mooched off of friends or guys for Netflix for the past 4 years ... as of July, I am responsible for my very own account.
  • Moleskines 'til I die.
  • My favorite bra is going downhill fast, and I don't have a decent replacement on deck.

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