23 April 2015

x = 11 (Eric Church) Songs

I am not a huge fan of country music ... but I do love Eric Church, and am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow in Hampton, VA.

  1. Longer Gone
  2. Carolina
  3. Over When It's Over
  4. Smoke A Little Smoke
  5. Young and Wild
  6. I'm Gettin' Stoned
  7. Before She Does
  8. Springsteen
  9. How 'bout You
  10. Guys Like Me
  11. These Boots


with Keith Urban - Raise 'em Up

19 April 2015

11 [Marty's 1st Birthday] Songs

Today is this little monster's first birthday.

"The dogs on Main Street howl 'cause they understand" ... Springsteen

  1. Bruce Springsteen - Promised Land
  2. OAR - Daylight the Dog
  3. Elvis - Hound Dog
  4. Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over
  5. Baha Men - Who Let the Dogs Out
  6. Paul Anka - Puppy Love
  7. Snoop Dogg - Who Am I?
  8. Dave Matthews Band - Alligator Pie
  9. Sublime - What I Got
  10. Eve - Dog Match
  11. The Fox and the Hound - Best of Friends 

15 April 2015

On Tinder ...

Tinder fascinates me. The other day I saw a guy's profile that opened with:

"I vape"
Really? That's what you lead with?

Guys ... take notes ... you'd attract more ladies if you eliminated pics featuring:

  • cargo shorts
  • fedora hats
  • soccer
  • hockey
  • reptiles
  • nautical star tattoos
  • neck tattoos
  • face tattoos
  • selfie sticks
  • bad teeth
  • anything mentioning Ohio
  • Dallas Cowboys hats
  • gauged ears
  • 'hehehe' instead of 'hahaha'
  • weird facial hair
  • American Eagle, Abercrombie, or Hollister t-shirts 
  • sunglasses with white frames
  • hand gestures

13 April 2015


  • Sometime last spring I was pulled over for being on my phone.  I was at a red light texting about Gossip Girl.  No regrets.
  • One of my best friends and I have matching tattoos.
  • I leave my mark on all books that I read.
  • Sometimes I really miss college.
  • Sometimes I am really glad I'm through with college.
  • Fat Delmar weighs 18 pounds.
  • Paper Towns was the third John Green book I read, and by far my favorite.
  • House of Cards is SO good. 
  • Call the Midwife is SO good.
  • My mom gave me a self help book. She passed it off to me by saying, "this book looks good; there's a bike on the cover, and you love bikes!"
  • I am pretty sure I have been conditioned to like Snoopy.  As a baby I had Snoopy curtains in my room, I had a Snoopy life jacket, Snoopy sticker book, Snoopy sheets, Snoopy tee shirts.  These days I usually get only Snoopy birthday cards, and occasionally Peanuts Christmas ornaments. .... and Snoopy Easter swag.

12 April 2015

Hot Yoga Uniform

Just when you thought you were an original.  I have been going to hot yoga for over a year. I have noticed an abundance of the following:

  • back tattoos
  • foot tattoos
  • fancy water bottles
  • resting bitch face
  • fancy yoga mats 
  • fancy yoga mat bags

11 April 2015

Meanwhile at Chipotle ...

I was in line behind the most annoying person at Chipotle. She ordered a salad, with:

  • "lots of lettuce,
  • lots of peppers,
  • some more peppers, sorry,
  • lots of pico,
  • lots of corn,
  • lots of guacamole,
  • actually a little more guacamole"
... she didn't say, 'thank you' once.

... and she reached over the glass to point at stuff.

Don't be that guy.

08 April 2015

Junk In the Trunk

I recently accessed the clutter situation in the back of my truck ... findings included:

  • beach cooler
  • iPhone charger
  • beach chair
  • book
  • American Giant full zip hoodie
  • 9.8 pound bag of Iams Weight Control cat food
  • 1 pair of Vans
  • 1 pair of Nikes
  • 1 pair of Sanuks
  • bag of old clothes headed to the thrift store
  • flashlight
  • 2 tote bags
  • 1 pinwheel 

03 April 2015

31 March 2015

Movie Title Puzzles

I am good at remembering bits and pieces of things. I was trying to tell one of my friends about the newest Zach Braff movie ... she made the mistake of asking the title of the movie. I rattled off:

  • Wish I Was There
  • Wish You Were There
  • Wish I Was ...
  • Wish I Was With You
  • Wish I Was There With You
  • Where Are You
  • Zach Braff and Kate Hudson and Sheldon
  • ... the previews have good music

30 March 2015


  • Plastic bags are the devil.
  • Plastic products are a close second to plastic bags ... I'm over them.
  • I'm the most impatient person I know.
  • Drive thru's are for lazy people.
  • I'm a big fan of T.Swift's newest album.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hilarious.
  • I try to move things all the time with my mind, Matilda style. No success yet.
  • I definitely say, 'definitely' way too much.
  • Big things are happening this year.
  • I am really looking forward to the end of Mad Men.
  • I am really bummed out about the end of Mad Men.
  • I have never forgiven Dottie for dropping the ball.
  • Scott Eastwood is really handsome.
  • Sanuks and Vans all summer
  • Sanuks are legit. Toms are for moms trying too hard to be cool.
  • I bought a new watch today.
  • Currently wasting too much time playing Soda Crush ... or Candy Crush Soda? ... Whatever, you get the point.

29 March 2015

11 Songs

  1. Of Monsters and Men - Crystals
  2. Mumford & Sons - Believe
  3. The National - Apartment Story
  4. Andrew Bird - Imitosis
  5. Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds
  6. Chad Stokes - Walter
  7. Modest Mouse - Strangers to Ourselves
  8. State Radio - Right Me Up
  9. Modest Mouse - Never Ending Math Equation
  10. DMB - Cornbread
  11. She & Him - Time After Time 

28 March 2015

Look ahead, young one

Currently looking forward to:

  • Eric Church in Hampton, VA
  • Easter
  • Baseball season
  • Sunny days
  • Warm weather
  • Really cold beer
  • Porch time
  • Fire pit time
  • Beach days
  • Fancy bourbon
  • Salty air
  • Salty bloody mary's all summer
  • Summer adventures
  • Summer nights
  • Tan Lines
  • New sunglasses

27 March 2015

No List Friday

"Brachiosaurus" was an answer on Jeopardy this week.

26 March 2015

Nerd Alert: Brand New Books

On Tuesday I picked up the new book, Becoming Steve Jobs.  This is the fourth book I have purchased on it's release date.  Becoming Steve Jobs joins quite an elite group:

  • The Pale King by David Foster Wallace
  • The Circle by Dave Eggers
  • Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

30 January 2015