13 April 2015


  • Sometime last spring I was pulled over for being on my phone.  I was at a red light texting about Gossip Girl.  No regrets.
  • One of my best friends and I have matching tattoos.
  • I leave my mark on all books that I read.
  • Sometimes I really miss college.
  • Sometimes I am really glad I'm through with college.
  • Fat Delmar weighs 18 pounds.
  • Paper Towns was the third John Green book I read, and by far my favorite.
  • House of Cards is SO good. 
  • Call the Midwife is SO good.
  • My mom gave me a self help book. She passed it off to me by saying, "this book looks good; there's a bike on the cover, and you love bikes!"
  • I am pretty sure I have been conditioned to like Snoopy.  As a baby I had Snoopy curtains in my room, I had a Snoopy life jacket, Snoopy sticker book, Snoopy sheets, Snoopy tee shirts.  These days I usually get only Snoopy birthday cards, and occasionally Peanuts Christmas ornaments. .... and Snoopy Easter swag.

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